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Humes Box Culverts for NCTIR at The Pines, Kaikoura. 

Following the Kaikoura earthquake and the closure of State Highway One, we were contracted by NCTIR to construct a culvert underneath both the newly formed highway and the railway. This work was particularly challenging due to time and traffic constraints, and required intensive logistical planning to achieve the optimal outcome.

Close to the earthquake damaged zone and alongside the beach, environmental considerations were also paramount. As approved NCTIR contractors, we were more than willing to take on the task and make our contribution to the rebuild of the damaged area. The work was completed in two phases, which allowed the completion of the railway and road over the Humes box culvert. 

Humes Culvert section for NCTIR Kaikoura earthquake road repair by FormfourHumes Box Culvert section


Humes box culvert North of Kaikoura constructed by Formfour for NCTIRPreparing the edge of the culvert at NCTIR site near Clarence

Humes box culvert section being lifted into place on State Highway one south of ClarenceHumes culvert section being lifted into place on NCTIR site.


Formfour completing stage one of Humes box culvert at the Pines on State Highway 1 for NCTIRStage one of the NCTIR culvert complete