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CCC Banks Peninsula Bridges 2017-2018

Wainui Valley Road. 

CCC Wainui Valley Road existing bridge picture by Formfour

Existing facing Christchurch City Council Wainui Valley Road bridge by Formfour

New concrete facing Wainui Valley Road by Formfour for Christchurch City Council

CCC Wainui Valley Road bridge decks constructed by Formfour

Christchurch City Council Bridge at Wainui by Formfour

This bridge replacement presented numerous challenges, which required innovative thinking to overcome. As shown, the facing of the abutment was constructed under the existing bridge, before replacement. 

Formfour received excellent environmental reports during the construction of this bridge.

Pigeon Bay 

Existing CCC Bridge at Pigeon Bay by Formfour

Existing Christchurch City Council Bridge at Pigeon Bay by Formfour

Construction at Pigeon Pay bridge by Formfour for CCC

Bridge Construction for Christchurch City Council at Pigeon Bay by Formfour

Formfour Bridge at Pigeon Bay Banks Peninsula completed for CCC

A diversion was created around this bridge construction in order to facilitate movement from the Pigeon Bay locals.. This enabled us to complete construction with minimal disruption to the community. 


As usual, Formfour received an excellent environmental report. 

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