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Lyttleton Port of Christchurch

Our work in Lyttleton helped enable the port maintain operations through an incredibly difficult period following the earthquakes in and around Canterbury. Our ability to work around the schedules of the Port's operations helped to maintain services with as little disruption as possible. This included construction of retaining walls, heavy duty temporary bridges, seawall repair and rail expansion. 

Higgins Asphalt Plant

Integral foundation slabs and large precast walls form the aggregate bins which lie opposite the foundation salbs housing the plant at the Higgins Asphalt plant. Below you can see the construction stages of this project.


In and around Canterbury, we are proud to have helped build the infrastructure of the region. From exposed aggregate pathways and hardwood seating and wooden piled timber decking to innovative rain garden construction and installation, our work is helping to support the future of the region.

Sports Facilities

Our construction of the player dugouts and light pole foundations has helped enable Nunweek Park become the home for Canterbury Hockey. 

Petrol Stations

Challenge Service Station pre por at Lincoln, Christchurch

Lincoln Challenge Service Station

Lincoln Challenge Service Station completed

Lincoln Challenge Service Station


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